igotbars4days asked:

Oh my gosh!!! I found you again!!!!! Its me nyjah from that trey songz ff you wrote. Ok ima go catch up

hey, i remember you! lmao, can’t forget! omg, you have so much to catch up on tho. there’s a sequel and all that. but if you’re down to read all that, i’m here along the way for any of her comments, questions, or concerns. :)

stonecoldff-deactivated20140721 asked:

Oh my god I just finished! I'm over here crying because Mike decided to just plead guilty and Caesar and Maryse are together and oh lord this was so good! Time to catch up on Devoted.

yay! *round of applause* i’m glad you enjoyed yourself with disturbia! i’ll see you at the sequel and thank you! :)