Chris is typically a loner. His past makes him distance himself from people in fear of being judged. Maryse is a sixteen year old girl who also chooses to be alone because people judge her based off of her family's wealth. What happens when these two come together?

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Anonymous asked: So you were gonna make a sequel right?

well, the sequel is already made! it’s devotedfanfic.tumblr.com.

Anonymous asked: Is the story over ?

uh, yes. it’s been for a long time now. there’s a sequel that is eleven chapters deep.

stonecoldff asked: TROY YOUS A BITCH NIGGA SMD!

lmao, he sure is!

scars-ff asked: It took me two and a half days to get through this, but I am so glad I did, I loved this so much! I usually give up on most fanfics because they lose my interest but this time was different, every single chapter was something worth reading. I have never in my life talked to my computer this damn much. I applaud you so much for this. I was looking into making a story about someone with multiple personalities, but you beat me to the chase. This gives me motivation to give my idea a go.

awww, this means a ton to me! *blushes* you’re so sweet! thank you for investing your time into reading it and i’m glad you stuck around for the whole story! i think you should go ahead with that idea. i’m sure you’d make a great personality fanfic if you remember that research is key. once again, thank you!!!

mindyourshoee asked: I finally finished !! It was so good I had my bf mad at me for giving the story all my attention, lol . I loved how Caeser presented himself from them getting caught ti present , he really showed that he CAN be more than a malicious man, he just don't want to lol . I also do not really like Chris and Cassius bc Chris needs to learn to handle.his problems on his own instead if calling on his other personality. In a way he's a bitch nigga. Yeah he's nice and loving but he's to blame for EVERYTHING

i’m glad you finished! if i had a dollar for every time i heard that! i’ma have all BFs mad at they girls for paying this story so much attention! that’s on point; he can be more than that but he don’t want to, lmao. chris needs to man up now especially now that there’s kids in the loop.

Anonymous asked: maaaan there's always that nosy ass neighbor that wants to be in everybody's business. ms. betty, carry yo ass

oh, you dealing with her ass? i was so sick of her shit!

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for the new readers…


to avoid any inconvenience, i’ll just give you guys the necessary links;


if you’ve completed ‘disturbia’, it’s sequel is;


:) enjoy!

dafuqisdisshyt asked: Had me over here cryin like a lil bytch yo! (Can't even call em thug tears) *smh* What's the name of the sequel plz?

lol, i’m sorry for that. the sequel’s name is devotedfanfic.tumblr.com

mindyourshoee asked: Soo, I'm a new reader & I'm on like ch24 & Im a little confused.... Does Chris have three personalities , one of which he knows nothing about?

hello, new reader and yes. there is another personality that chris doesn’t know about.

Anonymous asked: Alright imma do just that see ya in the sequel cause I'm sure as hell leaving feedback

lmao, see you there, girl!